A World of Honour

This is my ideal world. This world is what I am inviting you to help me create. This world is built one person at a time and begins with each of us taking the oath of honour: Do no harm, Everything by agreement, Be your word. These are the three rules from which we play A Game of Honour, from which we will build our world. We play this game unilaterally and unconditionally. When I take on Do no harm it is my oath. I will not intentionally harm another and will do my best to avoid accidentally doing harm. Every undertaking with others in my world of honour will be done with our agreement. The first two rules are held together by our word – integrity. This is the honour of our world.

Why would you begin playing A Game of Honour with me now, when clearly, we are not yet mainstream, may even be the only two people on the planet playing this game? What’s in it for you?

Maybe more important, why would you not choose playing A Game of Honour with me? My proposition to you is that you are already playing by the code, do no harm, everything by agreement, and be your word, but haven’t declared that to others. Expanding that thought a bit, I think that most of us live our lives playing by that code. We don’t deliberately set out to harm others. We don’t steal, we don’t cheat. When we make agreements with each other, we do so intending to keep our agreements and I’m talking verbal agreements, not legal ones in which we’ve put our signature to a bank loan or the like. But nowhere in all of this have we sat down with one another and declared this as an oath, as a sacred agreement to be held with all the courage and conviction that we can muster. Magic begins to unfold when we verbalize these important declarations!

This will be a bottom-up process not the top-down way we’ve been doing it over and over with the same result and expecting something different! We will change ourselves, one by one, until our society is run by we the people, practicing a code of honour rather than how we live now, obeying some authority.

This will be an inclusive movement, one open to every person on the planet, rich or poor, young or old, gender inclusive, race inclusive, religious inclusive, nation inclusive. Those who aren’t convinced that this code has merit will be left with their convictions.

What’s in it for you? You become a participant immediately in a noble adventure. You begin a journey that will bring you the life you always wanted yet without taking away from someone else. To the contrary, as your life becomes better and better, those around you benefit. This is a true win-win scenario. You help change the world by coming alive with a glorious life.

Is there any other way to bring about fundamental change to how we govern ourselves? Any form of society in which one group has the right to commend obedience of others is by definition a variation of win-lose. I win, you lose. You win, I lose. I choose always to not accept such a way of dealing with each other. Win-win or go our separate ways.

To add a touch of irony to this, consider that most of us interact with each other in this win-win manner every day in every interaction. We never pause to think that perhaps this could evolve and become a new paradigm for how we govern ourselves. Think for a moment of what is going on in the global human community right now. You dear reader and I are engaged in a philosophical discussion about things political in a non-coercive and non-violent manner. You are not here against your will and are free to leave and do something else. Consider that with few exceptions most of our interactions with each other are of this voluntary nature. Buying your lunch at your favourite café. You put down your $10 and take away your coffee and croissant. You win and the café wins.

In A World of Honour, every interaction looks like that. My intention in this matter is to state unequivocally over and over that this is the only acceptable way for rational human beings to interact with each other. Please join me and start telling others that you want this too.

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