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Knowing Better

Since writing my last post, Risky Business, I found myself thinking about something that Mom used to say often to me as a boy, “You know better than to do that!” Usually that was accompanied by a scolding for teasing my sisters, but that’s another story. What I was thinking about today was the phrase…

Risky Business

The other day I came across the 2002 movie, Panic Room, a thriller that Heather and I watched way back then. It’s a Jodie Foster picture, one in which she and her daughter spend most of the movie in a state of fear in their home’s “safe” room. A very scary movie that got our…


This is an invitation to every person on Earth: take on do no harm from A World of Honour with your heart and soul. Agree to that of your own free will. Then keep that agreement as if your and my life depends on it – which it does! In doing so we have become…

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