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Tangled Web

There’s nothing new under the sun. When I began this blog site, I thought that I was being radical in calling for an end to government as we know it and shifting our focus onto you and me as being monarchs of our domains instead. But then I came across the concept of isonomy. It…

Knowing Better

Since writing my last post, Risky Business, I found myself thinking about something that Mom used to say often to me as a boy, “You know better than to do that!” Usually that was accompanied by a scolding for teasing my sisters, but that’s another story. What I was thinking about today was the phrase…

Risky Business

The other day I came across the 2002 movie, Panic Room, a thriller that Heather and I watched way back then. It’s a Jodie Foster picture, one in which she and her daughter spend most of the movie in a state of fear in their home’s “safe” room. A very scary movie that got our…

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