A World of Honour

Changing the social and political paradigms that we have inherited and seldom questioned.

Building a world of agreement and equality.

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Declare Your Independence

In my last post, Let’s Talk Our Walk, we were examining the institution of government. How about in the spirit of the revolutionary Americans of 1776, declaring our independence from it? I think this is how it must unfold. Each of us, independently seceding from the current governmental paradigm, declaring to ourself and to the … Continue reading Declare Your Independence

Let’s Talk Our Walk

The recent turmoil in Ukraine brought up thoughts from a book I’ve appreciated, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, by Stephen Pinker. Pinker asserts that we may be living in the most peaceful time in human existence, and he then backs those assertions with overwhelming evidence. After looking at the turmoil … Continue reading Let’s Talk Our Walk

A World of Honour

This is my ideal world. This world is what I am inviting you to help me create. This world is built one person at a time and begins with each of us taking the oath of honour: Do no harm, Everything by agreement, Be your word. These are the three rules from which we play … Continue reading A World of Honour

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